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  • Gift vouchers refers to the brand vouchers available in Xoxoday.

    Special perks are the Exclusive offers on multiple platforms which Xoxoday provides to your organization where users can avail exciting discounts.

  • Perks are absolutely at no cost.

    You can browse the Perks section and You will be able to view discount codes.

  • Xoxoday Perks is a corporate perks platform where registered customers get instant access to selective perks, discounts and privileges on hundreds of products and services spanning categories in food, retail, wellness, travel, professional development, household, gadgets, entertainment, and more.

  • We deliver perks details quickly to your email/SMS and you are ready to shop.

    At times you will be directed to the respective website.

  • We have designed some delightful saving options for you across categories like food, retail, wellness, travel, professional development, household, gadgets, entertainment and many more. 

    Xoxoday provides over 1000 different perks & privileges across the globe. We keep adding new perks to our catalog every month  

    • Login to Stores.xoxoday.com
    • Select Perks and Privileges
    • Choose your Perk and click on Activate offer
    • Thats all! Enjoy your perks. You will be notified on email as well.

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